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Silicone Bibs FAQ

February 4, 2023

Q: Is a silicone bib truly useful?
A: Yes, they are. Silicone bibs are stretchable, smooth, and waterproof. Most feature a pouch at the bottom to catch food your child drops, preventing them from spilling food or drink on their lap. They’re also quite easy to clean after a meal. You and your baby can have a nice a mess-free meal time with the right bib.

Q: Are bibs necessary for newborns?
A: It’s not necessary, but having bibs on hand for your baby is a great idea. With one, you and your baby's clothing won't get ruined by drooling and vomiting during feeding. If you use a bib, you can wash it instead of changing their entire outfit, be it your child’s or yours. That's why using a bib — and keeping more than one — is a good idea.

Q: Are silicone bibs safe for babies?
A: Silicone bibs are safe for infants, but parents should verify that the product is composed of 100% silicone and doesn't contain any impurities. And the size of the bib should fit with your baby's neck.