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Choose the Best Silicone Bibs for Your Baby!

February 4, 2023

How to Pick the Right Silicone Bibs?



The bib must be comfy and doesn't hurt their skin. You should choose the bibs that have round edge and water resistant, which can make sure the food will stay away from the baby. So the baby can have a clean, dry and mess-free meal time.


Baby will wear the bibs every meals, so it is important to choose the bibs that made of safe material. If your baby has sensitive skin, you might need to consider the one that is skin-friendly. Most of the certificated silicone bibs will do.


A baby will need more than one bibs, so it is crucial that the bibs can be well folded for storage or traveling. The bib should be stretchable so it won't out of shape after you fold it up. Then you can easliy fold it for a quick travel or storage.


The bib should fit well around your baby's neck, making sure your baby can't remove it easily. And if it is well fit on the baby's neck, baby won't feel discomfort and stretch it.


Choose the bib that can remove the food stains easily which can safe you a lot of time on cleaning and your baby use the clean bib all the time. For some less-oil situation, you can just put it into the water or even just wipe it away for a easy cleaning.

Proper Size

Some parents are unaware that most of the baby bibs come in sizes suited for children of different ages. But bibs developed for toddlers are often larger than those designed for infants and incorporate a food-catcher feature.

If you’ve got a newborn or an infant, it’s better to purchase newborn bibs. These bibs are significantly smaller than the regular size and are excellent for catching milk or vomit during feedings. Further, you’ll need a large bib to protect your infant from any potential spills.


You will need a bib with large capacity and solid structure that can hold enough food steadily.


That's few suggestions for you to pick the best bibs, hope these can be helpful!